Friday, February 22, 2013


did anyone besides me realize how when mike and rachel had that hot and steamy sex in the file room…he didn’t put a condom on? i wonder if they are going to play on that with a pregnancy next season.

now this is what i call a perfect gif set of the scene.

Dear suits on the usa network,
you have made me feel sad for Harvey for once…poor thing. you have made Jessica even more of a hardass badass…congrats. and you have played with one of my fantasies…jerks.

sincerely, me.

did anyone realize that rachel could have planned that sex? she damned lock that door when she went in…or at least as far as i can remember. maybe i am remembering wrong. idk. idk what to think anymore…my OTP just had an fkin awesome hot sex scene in a file room. like all these feels, i can’t. 

mike + rachel + sexual frustration = a too hot for tv sex scene in a file room

i swear, if any guy needs porn…just watch that last scene of suits of the season finale. yea, you’ll be alright.

a file room never got so hot before. oh USA network, you out did yourself. pat yourself on the back for a tasteful sexy hot love scene.

it felt like you really knew me

know you see right through me

suits last scene of the season finale. enough said.

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Omg SO cute! #songpop #suits @halfadams #usanetwork

Omg SO cute! #songpop #suits @halfadams #usanetwork

Sunday, June 17, 2012
I feel they portray their characters the best on tv…and I’m a tv junkie. Plus their look at them! It’s your one stop shop for sexiness. @halfadams #suits  #usanetwork #black #white #red #hotness  (Taken with Instagram)

I feel they portray their characters the best on tv…and I’m a tv junkie. Plus their look at them! It’s your one stop shop for sexiness. @halfadams #suits #usanetwork #black #white #red #hotness (Taken with Instagram)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

you know your excited for a show when…

…you put the season premier date into your calender and add a reminder notification.

(realized i have no melissa & joey gifs -_-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

slowly dreams start to fade and money becomes water in my hands

…i want to cry. i feel so bad!

…going to wander away from this happiness called tumblr.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

etsy can go some place where the sun don’t shine

so i have been selling hunger game items, correct? everyone LOVES my designs…my number one seller was the shirt with the quote “give me some of that peeta bread” in a size small.

well lionsgate sent a message to etsy about copyrights, etc…now the only freakin thing they could probably say was copyrighted was the word “PEETA”. nothing more on that is theirs, they cant claim “bread”. i mean come on seriously. i came up with the damn quote myself! they could pay me if they really wanted the design for their own. i wouldnt mind. so etsy, becayse of “copyright infringement” took down my number 1 seller. now they missed the other 2 listings for the same shirt, different size…but i can only assume it will be a matter of time. my only thing is, my other best seller is a hat with the brooch symbol on it…you would think they would attack that first as opposed to the shirt with the name PEETA on it. i mean for criss sake, I HAVE A TANK WITH THE NAME KATNISS EVERDEEN- GIRL ON FIRE AND A SHIRT WITH GALE HAWTHORNE!!!!! YET THEIR GONA POKE AT ME FOR THE PEETA SHIRT?!?! IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE HIS LAST NAME ON IT!


…im going to curl up on my bed and watch Sherlock again or being human(UK)